About Us

CDG is a state of the art engineering company that provides management, engineering, forensic and construction related services throughout Southern California. Our people are committed to providing superior project delivery service and getting results for our clients. We are committed to building and maintaining strong relationships and client loyalty. Whether we are providing a single service or managing a project through completion, our professionals strive to add value, and surpass our clients’ expectations by using innovative technology and proven management skills. Especially today, understanding and navigating the development approval process is critical to success. So is familiarity with the highly technical issues and state-of-the-art computer-based tools that are essential to modern engineering.

Established in 2005, CDG provides engineering services in the field of land development and structural design. CDG has successfully provided technical studies, grading plans, and utility design for numerous commercial and residential projects throughout Southern California since its inception. It has also provided complete structural analysis and detail design for residential and commercial developments. CDG is dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients by maintaining communication and being responsive to our clients. Effective coordination with the design team and the governing agencies as well as careful attention to details allows CDG to easily overcome challenging issues and avoid costly mistakes.

CDG also provides detail design and mitigating measures for projects that are deemed under structural distress. Mr. Massood Gaskari and Mr. Morteza Azizian are the primary owners of this company. They have been business partners for many years performing forensic engineering services for Private Eyes Engineers, a forensic engineering company that was established in 1986 by Mr. Gaskari. Together, Mr. Azizian and Mr. Gaskari provide forensic engineering services for buildings that are under distress and/or lack adequate structural support. 

The owners of this company have a wealth of knowledge in the field of civil and structural engineering. Their vast experience in forensic engineering allows them to be more aware of the issues that surface years after the original construction and provides them with intuitive tools to design systems that avoid future issues.

Morey Azizian, V.P.

Mr. Azizian’s experience includes structural analysis, and/or detailed design for buildings, for both residential and commercial projects. He interacts often with building officials to obtain final approval of design and/or final approval of the construction documents. Additionally, he has prepared conceptual development plans, schedules and estimates; supervised and coordinated the preparation of plans and specifications of projects; interviewed and selected suppliers; negotiated fees and prepared supplier agreements. Mr. Azizian has directed consultants work in preparation of plans, specifications, cost estimate and environmental document. Interacted with clients, consultants, and regulatory agencies staff throughout design and construction phase of the project. His construction administration experience includes the supervision and management of engineers in their responsibility to administer construction contracts; performed construction inspections; coordinated and supervised the activities of the contractors; reviewed construction schedules; and conducted construction meetings. He has also provided technical support; negotiated and resolved construction claims and problems; acted as a liaison with public agencies, contractors and consultants; developed streamlining process of construction cost proposal to facilitate change order negotiation.

Masood Gaskari, PE
Mr. Gaskari’s experience provides a large breadth of experience encompassing his professional experience in forensic engineering and construction administration and management. His forensic engineering experience includes forensic assessment of existing buildings in relation to the structural elements, and in the way these elements behave related to the underlying soil conditions, identifying if deficiencies exist in the structural elements and/or if deficiencies exist in the underlying soil conditions. Based on the findings, Mr. Gaskari provides recommendations for repair and is able to provide detail design of repairs (including permitting and/or repair observations). He also routinely performs civil engineering design, structural analysis, and/or detailed design for buildings for both residential and commercial projects. Mr. Gaskari interacts often with building officials to obtain final approval of design and/or the construction documents. He is an expert in the structural design including various types of foundations, framing systems for various construction materials, simple to complex retaining walls, and floor slabs for any geological conditions. He has solved many complex site grading, drainage and/or moisture related issues associated with the building construction.
Civil Engineering Design
Structural Design