Structural Design

CDG offers a broad range of structural engineering services to clients. We deliver structural analysis and complete structural design for commercial and industrial buildings, custom homes, condo conversions, restorations, seismic retrofits, and home additions. We provide our clients with the highest level of services, sound engineering design, and economically sensible projects.

CDG engineering company has an extensive background in computer drafting with maximum quality in structural details, building code studies, finite element analysis, static dynamic analysis, feasibility studies, and value engineering.

CDG has also assisted the private sector clients with relevant compliance services. Relevant experience includes construction and industrial site inspection, permit requirements interpretation, response to notices from regulators, design review and plan checking, failure analysis, seismic upgrades of existing buildings, and design cost estimating.

New Construction
• Design of Wood. Steel, Concrete, Tile-ups, and Masonry Structures
• Construction Support
• Construction plans and specifications
• Permit Processing
• Custom Homes

• Additions
• Tenant Improvements
• Seismic Retrofit

Civil Engineering Design
Structural Design