Civil Engineering Design

Construction Planning
• Grading plans and design
• Street and storm drainage improvement plans
• Fire service; utility plans
• Hydrology reports and Drainage Studies
• Permit processing and agency coordination

Stormwater Technical Program
• Stormwater Quality Reports
• Stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP)
• Agency processing and permitting (NPDES)
• CA State Certified Qualified SWPPP Designer + Practitioner


Civil Engineering is the backbone of CDG. That was true on day one and it remains true today. Over the past four decades, land development has grown more complex as the land supply declined. In the early 2000’s, much of the developable real estate that remained was often in rugged terrain, servicing difficulties are common, and off-site problems can handicap on-site opportunities.

Especially today, understanding and navigating the development approval process is critical to success. So is familiarity with the highly technical issues and state-of-the-art computer-based tools that are essential to modern engineering. CDG can take a project through planning, zoning preliminary design, mapping/platting, and ultimately to the final design stage where the project is ready for bid and construction. 


CDG offers land development services from residential lot split to master planned communities. Residential components include single family, multi-family, and master planned communities. Engineering design solutions are provided to meet the clients’ needs in the many complex areas of land development process, from project inception to occupancy. These services include site grading and drainage; permit processing, and construction observation.


CDG provides permit processing services from initial investigation through final permit processing and approval. CDG has established professional working relationships with local, state, and federal agencies, water districts, and other special districts.

CDG’s permit processing department utilizes a proactive work approach to obtain agency permits in a timely and efficient manner. CDG project coordinators, acting as liaisons between government agencies, project engineers, and clients prepare and package completed submittals in accordance with agency criteria.

Project coordinators are responsible for tracking the status of plan check submittals, assisting the design team in properly addressing agency comments, completing applications, and calculating fees which allow for a timely submittal to obtain necessary approvals. 

CDG permit processing project coordinators work closely with clients to satisfy conditions during specific phases of the project. Additionally, project coordinator monitor tentative map and permit expirations and process time extensions as necessary.


Through its Storm Water Management services, CDG helps communities and agencies make the transition from traditional quality based methods and modeling to a modern, comprehensive approach to storm water studies. CDG’s approach integrates conveyance, flood control, floodplain management, water quality, and open-space goals. This integration protects developed areas, preserves waterways, and expands public access to recreational resources.

CDG has assisted private sector clients with relevant compliance services. Relevant experience includes construction and industrial site inspection, permit requirements interpretation, response to notices from regulators, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) preparation and review, training, and annual reporting.

Civil Engineering Design
Structural Design